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Techno Industries (TIC) is a company with over two decades of professional experience as a manufacturer and supplier of Aerospace and Defence related materials and systems.

In addition, TIC offers small businesses the opportunity to sell their manufacturing products to Canadian, U.S., Mexico and Foreign governments and other potential local and international customers. With our expertise, we offer:

TIC supports the growth of international trade by helping Canadian companies to access foreign government and commercial contracts. TIC has extensive exporting expertise to help Canadian companies secure contracts with Canadian, U.S., Mexico and Foreign governments and the Aerospace, Hi-Tech and Commercial sectors. TIC is a trusted partner of foreign government and commercial buyers seeking Canadian products.Our personnel will guide you through government and commercial bids to win domestic and international contracts while reducing your financial risks.

TIC acts as a prime contractor for Canadian companies who want to sell their products to North American and any other foreign governments and commercial customers around the world. TIC manages contracts for Canadian exporters by signing them as a sub-contractor. As a partner, TIC manages the performance oversight and financial administration of the contract to help the exporter to fulfill their contracts with international customers. We collaborate to share our expertise and help you succeed.

In addition, since Canada and the United States are engaged under NTIB (*), TIC can also act as prime contractor for United States companies who want to sell their products to North American and any other foreign governments and commercial customers.

*The National Technology and Industrial Base (NTIB) consists of the people and organizations engaged in national security and dual-use research and development (R&D), production, maintenance, and related activities within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The NTIB, as established by 10 U.S.C. §2500, is intended to support national security objectives of the United States, including supplying military operations; conducting advanced R&D and systems development to ensure technological superiority of the U.S. Armed Forces; securing reliable sources of critical materials; and developing industrial preparedness to support operations in wartime or during a national emergency.

TIC supports importing and exporting across a wide range of products and industries

TIC has over two decades of experience in exporting and importing with Foreign governments, Aerospace, Hi-Tech and Commercial sectors. We are offering our services to assist large, mid-size and small Canadian businesses to international customers, and our services are also open to businesses new to exporting or importing. This is a sample of the sectors we serve:

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