Export Logistics from A to Z

As a working partner, TIC will ensure that all aspects of the export process are carried out from start to finish. If you are new to exporting and unsure of where to begin, we’d be pleased to help you achieve your goals. If your focus is manufacturing but you want to explore foreign acquisitions, TIC will partner with you to take care of the details so you can remain focused on manufacturing.

TIC represents Canadian exporters to comprehensively manage projects by:


  • Obtaining all necessary information with domestic and foreign governments
  • Creating service/partnership agreements between TIC and your company to clearly define areas of responsibility
  • Submitting proposals and bids for your company that demonstrate expertise in managing the technical and financial aspects of the project
  • Negotiating contracts with local and international governments and commercial customers
  • Issuing domestic contracts to your company that include the contractual obligations of the international contracts
  • Managing contract performance to ensure fulfillment of obligations are achieved
  • Administer funds from the international government or commercial customer
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