TIC, your Export Partner

TIC has over two decades of experience in manufacturing, supplying and exporting to the Aerospace, Defence, Hi-Tech and Commercial industries in Canada, United States, Mexicoand to Foreign governments.

TIC is your Trusted Canadian Partner

TIC helps Canadian exporters sell products internationally. As a prime partner, TIC assists with every step of the export process and reduces the financial risk.

TIC helps to export to international markets

TIC’S proven track record of procuring U.S., Mexicoand international contracts with governments and commercial industries assists you to get your product to market. Our service can be custom tailored to suit your needs, ranging from consulting services to working in collaboration and/or partnership with you. As your prime contractor, TIC can expedite acquisitions across a wide range of sectors, including Aerospace, Defence, Hi-Tech components& Systems and Equipment Industries.With over two decades of professional experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you succeeds.

TIC makes it possible for you to sell your products to foreign governments and commercial industries.We have extensive experience in acquiring potential contracts with Canadian, U.S., Mexicoand International governments, and will help expedite preparation and submission of governments tenders and solicitations, as well as inquiries for quotes.

Partnership with TIC

TIC understands the complex nature of manufacturing, supplying, and exporting products to foreign markets. With our extensive experience, we know how to submit bids locally and internationally. We can tailor our services to suit your needs, from consulting and providing you with the tools to take the next step, all the way to partnering and collaborating as your prime contractor. TIC has extensive experience in:

  • Bidding, winning and executing contracts with Canadian, U.S.,Mexico and International Governments
  • Winning contracts with clients in the Aerospace, Hi-Tech and Commercial sectors
  • Partnering with Canadian, U.S., Mexicoand international manufacturers to bring their products to domestic and foreign markets and governments

Obtaining contracts with U.S. Department of Defence with a range of products from various industrial sectors

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