Buy From Canada

TIC, your Manufacturer & Supplier for Canadian’s products

TIC has over two decades of experience in manufacturing, supplying and exporting to the Aerospace, Defence, Hi-Tech and Commercial industries from Canada.

TIC is your Trusted Canadian Supplier

TIC helps foreign customers purchase Canadian’s products and sell them internationally. TIC will source and assists with every step of the procurement, quality and the export process and reduces the financial risk.

TIC helps to manufacture, supply and export to international markets

TIC’S proven track record of manufacturing and supplying products to the international market, governments and commercial industries, assists you to get your required Canadian product at the best quality and price. As your prime procurement company, TIC can expedite acquisitions across a wide range of Canadian sectors, including Aerospace, Defence, Hi-Tech components& Systems and Equipment Industries. With over two decades of professional experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist in manufacturing or sourcing the best quality product at the best competitive price.

TIC makes it possible for you to source your required Canadian’s products to foreign governments and commercial industries. We have extensive experience in sourcing various related products from Canada, and will help expedite quotes and delivery time for your required Canadian’s products.

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