Terms & Conditions

Techno Industries Corp.`s Services and Transactional Terms & Conditions ("terms & conditions"):

This will serve as Techno Industries Corp. (TIC) Terms & Conditions for all services and transactions of TIC with any other party. In case of conflict between terms and conditions, this terms and conditions will be the one that should be enforced only. All transactions with TIC are in accordance with the applicable law of Ontario Canada, only. Any disputes shall be resolved and venue only in Ottawa city, Ontario and exclude any other venues. In case of conflict between terms & conditions on services and transactional documents, you agree that the terms and conditions herein shall control and override. Any unpaid amounts due to TIC will be subject to a 15% annual interest rate. In case of non-payment of more than 30 days, TIC will be entitled to seek and collect all attorney`s fees and disbursements for the collection of the unpaid amount, which shall be added to the total amount due. TIC, at its own option only, reserves the right to rescind and/or cancel any contract or purchase order for service, purchase or sale of any services or goods within 12 months of the date of the order, should such transaction not be completed within that time, regardless of fault. Should TIC have accepted a deposit on such cancelled order, such deposit shall be promptly returned in case of cancelation. Should TIC have paid a deposit, such deposit shall be immediately refunded to TIC. The terms & conditions herein are a material part of any service/transaction and consideration with TIC and that by entering into any service/ transaction with TIC, you acknowledge these terms & conditions and certify that you accept and agree to them in their entirety...

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