Techno Industries (TIC) is a global manufacturer and supplier of Aerospace Systems and special materials for Governments, Procurement Agencies, Aerospace Industry, Hi-Tech Organizations, and Commercial Industries. We are a Canadian based company with over two decades of professional experience. TIC has an established global network of manufacturers, representatives and agents to provide our customers with specialized products at competitive prices. We strive to meet high standards and quality assurance for our domestic and global clients, large and small. TIC specializes in manufacturing and supplying of various raw materials and Aerospace systems including Special Chemicals, Pyrotechnic Devices, Powders, Ordnance Components & Systems, and Special Equipment and Machineries.

In addition, TIC offers Canadian businesses the opportunity to export their manufactured products to potential domestic and international customers. We can also source raw materials and products around the globe for manufacture, import and sale in Canada. TIC is your export, import and government contractor specialist and partner.

Our cornerstones:

Our Slogan: Where Technology & Manufacturing Meet.

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